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History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
Hakob Barseghyan

HPS300 January 17, 2013 Aristotle’s metaphysics Aris method - Set of rules apply when assessing the theories - Hyp to convince sci comm. - Is either intuitive anyone ed would understand if introduced - And not intrioducing new axiom is dedcuibe from other theories at that time Axim intuitirve and deduced from axiom Example - Geometry - Angles equal 180 in triangle - True bc triangle - True of triangle is true for equilateral triangle - True bc self evident what means to be triangle - Basic axioms and those things deduce theories - Primacy of gerenal – - Grasp basic axioms and understand why from first philosophy - First phil – most common most general common to each and everything - First phil or metaphysics – god Used term first philo not meta Termed proposed by guy put together extra from physics Aristotle – metaphysics after physics Metaphysics - How common to all things properties characrersitics of everything - Aris start from basic examples of change – what we see is change in nature - Start from change Change - Greece and Egypt - What all have in common - First one put together system axiomaticlay – not common knowledge - All cases enduring thing a man undergoes some change - In his language some subject of change that acquires or loses characteristics called forms - Form of 112 kg weight one of his forms another is his location - Losed weight lose form of 112 and gains form of 74 kg one form axquires another nd - 2 question - What remains unchanged - Forms change what remains – what part remains the material – the substratum that underlies those properties things touced are substratum he calls it matter - Subject matter – aristole matter that is subject to change - Remains is substance Form - Change process subject loses a form - Used form and matter to define change Trandomation - Another name of change - His science makes exact sense transformation from one form to the next - Qualitative quantative change of postion 3 types – postion locomttion 112 to 74 is quant Read – quality Greece to Egypt is position Substances comes into being or seizes - What happens baby born - Idea among all forms there are forms that make me who I am lose it not who I was - Call it substantial form - Which is soul - Loses essential quality no longer what he is Form defin - Two flavors - Accidental lose or acquire remain same - Substantial – form lose you are gone Socrates - Only one capacity that is substantial - Suppose not bald conceive with hair but still Socrates - One quality he cannot lose is substantial form without no longer who he is - Dif subjects – attached to diffent things - Determines the matter - Accidents diff – attached to sub and prim matter not attached same matter substantial does - Different levels - Not alter thing inside bubble just being attached - 3 types of change not generate or corrupt substance not change substance - Acc or incidential same things - Susbstanital form change in generation or corruption - 3 acc subtypes and 1 substanital - 4 change Table - Substance remains with accidental change - Subject matter unchanged - Prime matter - Thing that soul is attached is prime matter - Substance is compound of sub form and prime matter Hylo - Decomposed fomr and matter - This concept is hylomprhpish - Hule matter and morphe form - Tree compound of matter and form - Form is treenese capacity grow and bare apples - Decompostion is analytical only in theory not physical not prime matter and subs existing alone not extract and have them separate - Try to remove sub form of tree not pure matter but another compound withered and died - Not same tree not pure matter new compound with new matter and form - Substantial change is corruption - One sub form lost one gained not pure prime matter - Goes against platos forms Plato - World of material objects sensible objects and world of immaterial forms not exist in space and time - Ideal form of lionism - Forms exsit in immaterial world - Our is changeable the other is
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