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History and Philosophy of Science and Technology

HPS202H Thursday, September 15, 2011 Putting Out System system of manufacture where raw materials are purchased by central agent and distributed to a collection of independent artisans, working in their own homes, to be fashioned into goods; central agent pays by the piece and collects finished product from artisans to be sold on, generally as refined material (before industrialization) entrepreneur purchases bails of wool, distributed to artisan households in Cotswolds, [children card wool, women spin wool into thread, men weave to cloth], entrepreneur picks up cloth from households to be sold to tailors, makers... means of producing refined material for further stage of production Turnpikes and Canals mid 17th century roads in Britain poorly maintained and unreliable, slow and dangerous transport late 17th century sees development of turnpike companies building reliable all weather roads and charging tolls to pay for maintenance late17th-early18th century sees enlargement of river navigations and
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