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University of Toronto St. George
History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
Hakob Barseghyan

th13 Feb 2012HPS250H Lecture 6 Thomas KuhnCARRYING ON FROM LAST LECTUREthe basic points of PopperLast lecture we learned about Popper on theory choice2 stepsDemarcation problem scientific theories are falsifiable which means that they have empirical contentBetter scientific theory we choose the one which has corroborated excess empirical contentHowever Kuhn unfortunately empirical contents of competing theories are often incomparable this is what Hakob will explain in todays lectureKuhn wrote the Structure of Scientific RevolutionsIf you cite a book within the body of your essays title of the book would be in italicsKuhn proposed the idea of incommensurabilityFeyerabend wrote an article Explanation Reduction and EmpiricismIf you cite an article within the body of your essays title would be in quotation marks like aboveIf you cite a scientific journal within the body of your essays title would be in italicsAn example with a duck and a rabbit There is no way you can compare the phenomenaSo literally there exist two different phenomenaKuhn this is the case of incommensurabilityIncommensurability when there is no translation from the language of one theory to the language of the otherHakob When they are mutually intranslatableThe taxonomy definition of incommensurability is used by HakobEg of Newtonian taxonomyHakobThese are only the concepts we use these are only terms that we use
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