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History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
Lucia Dacome

HPS319 LECTURE 3 microscope- landmarks of experimental culture, anatomy and microscope Marcell Malpighi- starts to look at body with microscope, over several decades, he produces illustrated tables  able to see and describe the finest features of the body’s structure  part of producing knowledge and convincing people  through different lenses he could view the tiny vessels connecting veins and arteries  first to see what Harvey was talking about and what was happening in padua when they thought there were little doors  body is made up of glands (workshop of nature)- body is a complex glandular structure- said that body was like grapes producing secretions. Ruysch- not convinced by a web of vessels, did not agree with Malpighi, inject dye to have a map of the circulatory system, critics said it is unreliable because vessels break, created curiosities, believed he could preserve Sbaraglia- critic of M, doesn’t believe in use of anatomy and microscope, may look at structure of the body, but will not know about its function Locke- another critic of M. and microscope, no use for anatomy, line of skepticism did not last very long, Quesnay(circulation a good idea to think in economy) – circulation has not changes anything in medical craft and confused doctors, dangerous to medicine, still looking at urine- humoral doctor. Microscope not a stable arm of investigation – and may not be useful- then indivi. Created techniques to show the proof of their use- magnify to the sizes and show how nature actually looks like, able to show the smallest parts large- strong directory created to show that what one is seeing is trustworthy, religious argument- how n
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