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University of Toronto St. George
History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
Lucia Dacome

W EEK 10-M EDICAL P RACTICE AND M EDICAL P RACTITIONERS ESSAY IPS:  Use page numbers!  Double spaced  12 pt font  Introduction: frames the topic, explains why it is interesting and the steps of your argument  Narrative: articulates your argument (what you want to argue for and bring evidence in support of your claims)  Conclusion: draws attention to the implications of your claims- also point further development  Important: provide reasons in support of your claims  Organize text into paragraphs  Possible to include pictures, captioned and relevance explained in the text  [email protected]  Turnitin- 5497993 Password- Henrietta  Pauline Mazumdar Essay Prize  Make sure to narrow down narrative – a few decades is best, do not talk about a large area because makes it easier to research  More narrow the better  What gives a medical practitioner his/her authority or expertise and how does one trust an authority?  Ex. I will explore the protomedicato and its role in the creation and maintenance of medical authority.  Research- look at relevant lecture notes and look at suggested readings! Place to pick topic  Primary source- very important and use it extensively- help to deal with primary source. o Eebo.chadwyck.com/home o Gutenberg.org o Fisher rare book library o Library.wellcom.ac.uk – history of medicine library*great* o History of medicine research guide –links to journal articles.  Relevant Journals o Isis- history of science o Bulletin of the History of Medicine o Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences o Early science and medicine  In this paper I argue that…  State the argument very clearly, in the introduction and restate it in the conclusion  Correlative argument, or causal argument –  Evidence- organize your paper in terms of the evidence you are using to present your argument, make the reader understand all quotes and paraphrases instead of quoting directly, put it in your own words showing that you understand it ; why does it prove that point  Strong point – preempting criticism show that there was other interpretation and show that there is something wrong with their point.  Structure- set the scene, argument and roadmap of the paper ; makes it seem like a coherent paper.  Body- 3-4 good points, bring something up and need to develop the point fully, deal with each point in detail and explain why it is important.  Conclusion – Restate argument, explain why and how you proved your argument, why is this argument significant  Paragraph structure-first and last line of people should be understood  Marked on how clear (sent awk), clichés used? Grammar make sense? Spelling? Style?  Writing guides – writing.utoronto.ca, history.utoronto.ca/undergraduate/essays.html  History prefers CHICAGO STYLE- need to footnote- direct quote, paraphrasing idea, ideas not your own. HE WILL CHECK THE FOOTNOTES! Needs to be coherent and make sense!  How complex is the argument? Can the reader follow your reasoning?  TIPS o Read the paper outloud REGULAR AND IRREGULAR HEALERS  Until the late 18 C medicine was divided between different groups of practitioners  There were university trained physicians who allegedly understood internal diseases who understood internal disease and in control of medicaments that were taken through the mouth  There were surgeons who were in change of external part of the body and cured wounds and skin problems  Apothecaries ere devoted to the preparation of drug  There was then the wide groups of irregular healers who shared some practices with surgeons, apothecaries and university trained physicians but also operated in other realms of healing such as the religious ones( seen in level of th queens and kings- until early 18 century, ha the patient affected with scrofula, the idea was that the king or queen has the capacity to mediate divine killing/healing – quite a lot of following. 
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