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History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
Lucia Dacome

History Of Medicine II (Lecture One) September 12 2012 Why do we trust healers?  By word of mouth  Education  Experience  (1891) Painting to reassure patients of interest in care  Concern with making money rather than in the healing process TH TH Ideas Associated With The 17 – 19 Century  The body is fluid and must be kept in balance  Blood-letting: Prevalence of more of one humor, Used to balance body  Doctors to examine urine (an indication of the health of the body)  Examine the outside of the body (Surface of the skin to indicate interior wellness)  Formation of social spaces (i.e. Barber Shops as a place to shave and blood-let)  Mondino writes Anathomia in the 1300’s before writing was prevalent  Examined the anatomy of animals and compared them with that of humans  The BOOK is the CENTER OF DISSECTION  Early 16TH c. Vesalius argues against Galen’s theories  Vesalius takes the claim to have sta
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