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HIS102Y1 Lecture Notes - Hal Riney, Mary Wells Lawrence, Dan Wieden

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HIS316H1 - Lecture 3
Documentary: Art and Copy (by: Doug Pray)
- favorable to advertising, made by a board of advertisers
- take note of stats, geniuses, campaigns
- gospel of creativity
- the thesis: advertising is a form of art that informs, excites, and entertains the lives of America
- talks a lot about creativity
- the role is that of the artist, and the misison is to enchant
- really good advertising not ony inspires the consumer to buy, but inspires the manufacture to do
- "everything is like an ad, like air and water" about the matrix
- George Lois
- had a start in the 60s
- "at times, advertising is like poison gas"
- old Esquire covers (said something)
- they understood they were making a statement, changing a culture, making a point
- he is greek-american
- ad for Tommy Hilfiger (considered a sin by Rutherford)
- ads changes perception of everything
- Phyllis K. Robinson
- original copy chief at Dane Doyle Bernbach
- Rich Silverstien
- Goodby, Silverstein and partners
- did california milk ad
- progress myth: believes that he is the truth, others were a lie
- Jeff Goodby
- "art serving capitalism"
- got milk? ad
- its the same as making art
- Bill Bernbach
- at DDB, first place to have art director and copy director working together on same floor
- "image to words" important to his concept
- Mary Wells
- founder, Wells Rich Greene
- her life was dedicated to theater, but it help her fuel her advertising skills (interest in
- creative revolution of the 1960s, approached ads with elements of theatrical
- big, dramatic things
- Jim Durfee
- making the ordinary, extraordinary
- Dan Wieden
- Wieden+Kennedy
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- Nike campaign, huge for them (fail in life, then suceed)
- David Kennedy
- Hal Riney
- Hal Riney and Partners
- master of emotion in his ads
- wrote
- Lee Clow
- was with an offfshoot with Chiat-Day
- worked for a place that wanted boring, formalaic outlines
- "morning in america" 1984 reagan relection campaign by Riney
- held huge amount of emotion
- Volksvagen campaign
- "Lemon", "Nobody's perfect", "think small"
- became the coolest car around
- DDB ad
- "Where's the beef?" ad
- motor mouth campaign (federal express)
- I love NY ad
- tried to resell NYC
- you can manufacture any feeling you want to manufacture
- Tommy Hilfiger campaign by George Lois
- was unsure, embarrassed by it but it worked
- California Cougar ad
- 80s, white wine
- Perrier ad
- Riney did it
- best of emotion in ad
- MTV ("I want my MTV")
- did not have much distribution, so it was to increase popular support amongst people to
be played stations
- Crocker bank ("We've only just begun")
- Hal Riney created
- created song by many artists to attracting young clients to old bank (Carpenters)
- Milk ad (california)
- make sure you dont run out of milk
- "got milk ?"
- Clairol Hair
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