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HIS102Y1 Lecture Notes - Mendicant Orders, Franciscans, Bastion

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Kenneth Mills

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Spain was the bastion of roman catholocism against islam, Protestantism, Judaism.
So much so they expelled everyone. They then tried to spread catholocism to the
EL Greco-> phillip II. Devotion of the king to the holy name of jesus shows Philip 2 as
the prime devotee, secondd only to the pope.
El Greco wanted to capture the king as the most faithful being on earth
The indoctrination of the indians was a means of social control by trapping them in
a web of Spanish culture and a commercial system from which they cannot escape
Clergy in America wrote back to spain saying the only way for their own salvation
was to lead the indians to baptism and then make them stick
Franciscian were millenarianism the return of Christ and the apocolypse could
happen only once all gospels have been preached to all people (thought the indians
were the last)
Byt 1559 there were 852 missionaries from the mendicant order in mexico, as well
as 500 secular workers Lots of people, church flooded into new spain.
1559 350 priests and friars in peru.
Organized into diocese and parishes
2 main approaches to evangilization: Optimistic and experimental
Optimistic Believed there were practices in the native American religious system
that could be salvaged. Parallells between cleansing and baptism. Rituals that could
be considered similar. Could one of the apostles have made it across the atlantic and
preached the gospel in native tongue to the indians? They couldn’t comprehend that
the natives would have been able to come up with their own comsovision.
Experimental Dominated the first endevors in the northerly Mexican region.
Drawen largely from the renaissance huminist trend. Dominated by the franciscans.
Tabula Rasa had to completely eradicate any prechristian idolatry. Had to
extirpate prechristian beliefs
Spanish were verry full of their own language and if the could they would have
taught the indians latin. Spainish eventually helped to standardize and make diglosic
languages for evangelical, government etc
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