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Lecture 3

HIS103Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: French Ironclad Gloire, Fronde

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Wars of Louis XIV
Louis was born during the 30 Years War. His father died when he was 5. So he became king
when he was 5 and ruled for 72 long years! He died in 1777. He was the ruler of France for 53
years and for half of that time, France was at War. So Wars of Louis of XIV was during this time
Today’s Lecture:
1. Peace of the Pyrenees- 1659
2. Louis assention to thrown, what it meant to be King of France and its greatness
3. War of Devolution0 1667-68
4. The Dutch War- 1672-78
5. Louis after these wars- when he was the arbiter of Europe
Why Louis XIV and no other ruler?
- His strategy and state craft influenced the rest of Europe
- His strategies in different scales of time- in the short term some strategies might not
look so good but in the long term they are beneficial; and vice versa
- The culture of power and the power of culture
- Changes that occurred in Louis strategies and statecraft
How does the concept of La Gloire shape Louis’s strategy ad stateraft ad his assesset of
the French national interest?
Ho Louis’s poliies ould hae ee differet if he had ot othered aout glory.
How did Louis view the interests of France?
Peace of Pyrenees
The 30 years’ war ended in 1648. There’s some peace in Europe, but France and Spain are
fighting. Louis is the King of France, but he is a boy, Mazarin is ruling on his behalf, till Louis is
old enough. Between the 1640-60, France has some internal wars called The Fronde. Mazarin is
busy in these and unable to concentrate on wars against Spain. Spain gains advantage in war. It
is not until these internal revolts are under control, is France able to gain advantage in war,
Until the Peace of Pyrenees (POP). So France enters the POP as the stronger state. Mazarin
does not ask for territorial land. He asks Phillip IV (Habs) of Spain to promise the marriage of his
daughter to Louis XIV when he is of age. Spanish Infanta (a.k.a. Maria Theresa, a.k.a. Marie
Thérèse) was to eventually marry Louis. If Spain would not get any male heir and Maria was to
inherit all of Spain while married to Louis, France would get all of Spain. So they will rule over all
of France and all of Spain. This proposition was never going to war. Spain would rather go to
war. Spain agreed to pay an enormous dowry to France and Maria would never inherit Spanish
land. But French made dowry so high, that Spanish would never be able to fulfill it and they do
not. So Maria does not renounce her inheritance. Mazarin quotes that once the marriage
happens, they will look forward to Spanish land.
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