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7 Apr 2011
The making of the European balance of power: the origins of the war of the
Spanish succession
This conflict creates a platform where a working international order will be formed.
After the nine years war, the Dutch Republic, England and France had to scale down
their armies to more manageable numbers to ease the financial burden on the
The military might of France was a far cry from what it was during the peak of the
war, 400,000 soldiers to 150,000 soldiers.
16 June 1698, Louis XIV wanted peace and was not prepared for war. Peace can only
be obtained on the eventuality of the King of Spain death. The real problem was the
next ruler of Spain, it was still the largest, richest and most populace of all the empire
despite all the wars.
Who inherited the Southern Netherlands, modern day Belgium, was a huge issue for
the Dutch republic and England as it was a problem of vital national security concern
for them
At the end of the war, Dutch fortress still remains in the garrisons of Spanish
Netherlands as Spain did not have the ability to defend her lands
Austria had only interest in the Italian lands of Spain
The will be no wholesome takeover of the land of Spain as it will cause an unbalance
of power in Europe
The dauphin of France had a strong claim onto the throne of Charles II of Spain
No doubt that France has a stronger claim onto the throne of Spain and had the most
prepared army among Europe, but war is unpredictable.
No interest appear more pleasant to me than to preserve the peace that Spain had
enjoyed now.
William III and Louis XIV agreed the issue of Spain should be resolved by consensus
rather than confrontation
There came about the partition treaty on 11th Oct 1698
Metropolitan of Spain and the riches of Spain to be given to one of the person, Joseph
of Joseph Ferdinand of Bavaria, as he was a neutral party
France to be given the southern Italian lands
But the sudden death of Joseph created a huge question mark for them to fill up again
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