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Lecture 32

HIS103Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 32: Serbian Nationalism, Eastern Question, Ottoman Empire

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Denis Smyth

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Lecture 32 Origins of First World War
Recap: German policy unpredictable, vague (as described by british)
ounsure whether or not germans had bad intentions
Germany becomes a larger threat to international, european order. Boxing in due to own
diplomacy (ex, moroccan crisis)
oshift in german diplomacy, from unpredictable/vague to aggressive, reactionary
Germany determined to Protect austria-hungary
oillustrated by BH crisis
agreement to absorb BH peripheral provinces into AH, Russia permitted
full absorbing, in return AH assist Russia in strait invasion
Russians under the impression that matter would be taken up to congress
Pan slavic Russia supported serbian independence
oAustrians turned to Germans, request for clarification in terms of what austrian
attack on Serbia & russian retaliation would imply
dual alliance still applied
defensive alliance
would not apply legally since austrians were aggressors
Germans instead pledged full support
dual alliance transformed to offensive alliance
ojustification for offensive alliance: had to maintain alliance bloc
strength with strong allies
oGermany would attack france in the event of russian serbian AH german war.
(france allied with russia)
oMoltke committed to continental war, westward attack due to geography
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