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HIS244H1 Lecture Notes - Classical Liberalism, Daniel Defoe, Human Female Sexuality

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HIS244H1: Tutorial #1
These documents are divided into several different chunks: economic theory, changes in
social class, gender and sexuality and potential changes.
Core values of the enlightenment man is set apart from the beast, and our
relationship with God
Economic Theory of the 18th Century
Faux & Smith documents are reacting to the perception that Britain is a very successful
power in the 18th century creating theories as to why Britain is so successful
Smith: believer of liberalism, thinks that natural self-interest and a desire for
people to earn money and attain goods will naturally allow the economy to be
successful and because Britain has a free market, in that sense, that’s why the
British economy is successful because it allows people to engage in commerce in
the way they want to
Division of labour industry is more efficient when done a certain way, which in
turn makes trade more efficient and the economy should therefore be
structured that way
Britain is the best environment for this to occur, big emphasis on individual self
What does Smith mean when he says self-interest: bettering our own condition
Gained a title, materialistic goods material prosperity
Extravagant spending is not the way to prosperity, Smith is all about saving, not
showing wealth in an austatacious way
Security of the people if the country is stable, and order in society is desirable
Within classical liberalism there’s an idea that emerges in reaction to
mercantilism which is practiced in France and Spain what went wrong is that
they spent extravagantly on military expenditures and luxury goods and that’s
what ruined the economy saving and investment is better
Theory of Moral Sentiment: what really motivates people? Makes a case that
people are motivated by status, and that what people really want is respect and
admiration of other people, this motivates us in various ways to seek various
signatures or markers wealth, political/social standing (all ties together)
What is the role of community in all this?
Clearly humans are social creatures, and what others do clearly matters to us
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