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Lecture 3

HIS250Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Drevlians, Primary Chronicle, Atil

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Alison Smith

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Lecture 3: Kievan Rus’
Vladimir the great super important.
o Christianized the people of Kievan Rus’
The Riurikids
Oleg (882-913)
o Iaropolk (Kiev)
o Oleg (Derevliane)
o Vladimir (Novgorod)
Oleg (882-913)
Came ot power because Riurik had died
Moved capital to Kiev
Consolidated most of Russian and east Slavic tribe under one power.
Oleg marched on Kiev when trying to consolidate, eventually entering city and killing
leader settled in Kiev.
Need to unify sources and ensure that they would remain unified.
Make sure everyone pays tribute to Kiev.
Waged war against Constantinople
Trade really central to power. Wage against Constantinople was not a violent one, but
resulted in treaties that would give Russians what they wanted.
Russian merchants were to receive supplies for 6 months, as many baths as they like,
however they only received these if they came with merchandise.
o Cared a lot about trade because it was vital to their society/economy.
Oleg’s death predicted my magician.
o Predicted that his death would be caused by his horse. So he never rode the horse
or even looked at the horse. The horse died and Oleg mocked religion but died
from a bug bite coming out of the horse’s skull.
Radziwill Manuscript
Illuminated maniscripts means embellished and decorative.
Name derived from princes of Duchy of Lithuania
Not as old as Primary Chronicle, but retelling of the same events in a later form.
Igor (913-945)
Made was as far away as Azerbijhan
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