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Mandate of Heaven

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Scott Relyea

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HIS 280 May 18, 2010
Shang Dynasty 15 11th C BCE
Archeology change discovery pair of pants
Shang civilization collaborate stories
First bronze age society
Core of Chinese civilization
in yellow river basin
Metallurgy skills
Ding, four legs, 3 legs chest, used for cooking and storage
For ritual offerings of ancestors
Axe with a face engraved
oSymbol of power and authority
oShang advanced metallurgy
Chariot emerging shang armies
Horse not domesticated
Wheeled carts not invented
Organized Chinese civilization 4k years debated, 3k years
Discovered ancient capital an yang
Massive site, 11 underground tombs
Lots of bronze
other explorations
Shang not only one to emerge
Several in the Yangtze river
Existence society distinct from yellow river basin

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Bronzes are similar to those found in ang yan
Human heads, tigers
Not just different artifacts,
Close to shanghai
Civilization even older than an yang
1k older than yellow river basin
West of Yangtze River
Shu dynasty
Deep eyed
Sichan region
Population may claim connection to ancient heritage
Difficult to make this claim, complicated with mass migration
Devastation, 7 million residents, killed 3 quarters
oGovernment promoted migration into Sichan
Bigger question?
oReferenced to deep eyes ancient Shu
Shang era bronze civilization
China adopted as theirs
oWhy is this?
oLinear history?
Anything national state in china is their history for the government
oNot really true
What is China?
State or society based on present condition
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