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Lecture 16

HIS280Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 16: Yuan Shikai, Chiang Kai-Shek, New Culture Movement

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Paul Thompson

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Lecture 16
Nanjing decade
- review: yuan shi kai declared himself as emperor and then was abdicated and died at
the same year
- Southern alliance and northern Expedition [ warlord period]
New culture movement -> activism against the secret alliance
Jiang jie shi: young guy, protégé of Sun Zong san
- they were the right hand man of sun zong san who returned to southern china with
support of Soviet Union [ see what the nationalist can do, and bridge Chinese
ness and modern nation]
- socialism can be a bridge that can connect chinese ness and modern nation
- meeting with soviet in Shanghai
- negotiation with soviet and china -> nationalist party was in canton [ broken alliance
with soviet union]
- Mao ze dong om hunan -> become SUn zong san’s propaganda cheif
- Jing jie shi: studied in Soviet union and becomes commandant of Whampoa
military academy [ Huang pu xuexiao]
- lots of people who went to academy were from hunan and canton : some famous
people were from this academy [ very loyal]
- they had success in actual struggle -> localized disputes and was an elite force
assasination in mid 1920s for the nationalist and radical party
1925 confluence of events : the death of sun around march 12 died of cancer
- died with respect
- lot of labour unrest and political unrest during this time
foreign Chinese tension; May 30th incident bubbling tension between Japanese
capitalize and Chinese workers -> strike and protest
- sikh policemen gun down 11 demonstrators
- source of anger with foreign soldiers in Canton and HK
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