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HIS311Y1 Lecture Notes - Balkh, Kim Il-Sung, Mao Zedong

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HIS311Y Lecture Jan 15th 1/15/2013 12:09:00 PM
Canada’s relation with ASIA is main point
After 1945 it became different
1790s trade btw China and Pacific America
Mid 19th century fur trade with Asia
As a result we don’t get very much trans oceanic content
because Pacific is very large
had been converted into a hermit kingdom in the 17th century
is not open to foreign contact
Canada had no contact at all
Canada started contact 1860s
Immigrants flow from China and Japan into the Pacific America
o Opposition to Asian labours
Late 19th century, Chinese central authority was disintegrating
Revolutionary period
was not a serious power back then
in relation to Canada and Brit, China could not exert any
influence at all.
Canadian gov’t were free to treat chinese workers way they wanted
Japan defeated Russia, Taiwan, and occupied Manchuria
was a serious power and ally of British power
Japanese workers were better treated than Chinese
Missionaries to East Asia
Significant becuz it relates educated class in Canada
and affected Canadians think of Asia
The Japanese were defeated in Pacific War
Occupied in 1945
Canada very small way participated in occupation of Japan
And used WWII to set up relation with China
Canadian embassy moves to Nanking
The governor of China was 국민당
China had been in a state of disorganization for years
civil war btw KMT and Communists
The KMT had US on their side and had benefit
It looked in 1945 as if the KMT (nationalists ) with modern army
would rule China
Over the next 4 years, (1946~50) communists began win victory
Jan 1949, Communists made Beijing new capital
Nationalists arrived to Taiwan
Huge communist victory
In U.S. this was seen as great defeat.
it gives a theme to American politics that would last for years
and years.
o Who lost china?
American seceratry of state dean Acheson confirmed that there
is nothing they could to save the nationalist regime
The nationalist had lobbying effort in Washington
Chiang kaishek and his wife madame Chiang
o 1949, Americans used who lost china notion to attack
Truman administration
When commies take power and claim ppls republic of china
The normal procedure is to recognize it as official government
last month of 1949, countries begin to recognize china
o Brit, India, etc.
Canada and US was waiting
1949-50 American military state was limiting
Americans didn’t have any atomic bomb
Somebody else had an atomic bomb!
Stalin made atomic bomb
seriously shaped American confidence and had negative impact
on American politics
there should be traitors
January 1950, republican senator Joe McCarthy
Joe starts communist witch-hunt
Three election 1945 Liberals win the election
King remains PM until 1948
King retires and succeeded by Louis St. Laurent
Born in 1882, prominent QB city lawyer
did not run on the conscription issue
o remained loyal to King
St. Laurent saw himself to be nationalist
St. Laurent’s first language was English and his mom was Irish
all his sibilings spoke English
what he acquired from Irish family was not liked by either side
PM st. Laurent
Minister to Washington
Moves from Deputy minister to minister
Member of Parliament
most unusual character
wanted very badly to be PM
very bright
Pearson is the son of United Church ministry
Many of his friends were missionaries
Pearson had reasonably good advice from missionaries in China
We and the Americans in spring of 1950 moved towards
recognition of China
Mao Zedong
Was anti-american
Mao is a devout communist
first act was to go to moscow and meet Stalin
signed an alliance against US
Kim il Sung
Korea part of Empire of Japan
Americans would accept south of 38th parallel
Soviet would accept north of 38th parallel
Soviets had their own style of govt to south
They hated each other
But both agreed that Korea must be reunified
Both US and USSR wanted to pull their troops out of Korean
Truman wanted to reduce military budget
In response to this urgent urge by US, UN set up commission
On how Korea can be unified etc.