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27 Mar 2012
HIS311 The end of the Golden Age Tuesday January 24th 2012
Commitments in Indochina, 1954
Ho chi Minh
- Vietnamese forces confronted French forces at Dienbienphu, led by Ho Chi Minh
- The French found themselves surrounded and suffered a defeat
- This defeat ended French colonial presence there
- Question of what would happen to Indochina (would it join the western camp or the Soviet
Geneva Conference, April-June 1954
- An international commission would be set up in Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam for establishing
and maintaining peace (ICCs)
- Supposed to supervise a cease fire and see the withdrawal of foreign forces
- Supposed to hold an election in two years to reunite north and south Vietnam
- Would decide who would sit on the commissions (Canada was chosen as one of three to sit on
the Vietnam ICC)
o One had to represent the communist camp (Poland), one had to be neutral (India), and
the Chinese suggested that Canada could be the western voice
- At the time, the eventual development of the Vietnam war was not yet clear
International Commission for Supervision and Control in Vietnam (ICC)
- The ICC in Vietnam created a lot of controversy, especially because of the war
Concerns for Canadian Sovereignty
American direct investment
- There were some concerns in the 1950s and 60s that Canada was too dependent on the
American economy
Pinetree Line
- At the 50th parallel
- Hugely expensive project, ($450 million) funded by both the US and Canada, though US covered
- It was quickly realized that this would not be enough warning time so they build one further up
Mid-Canada Line
- Also decided it wasn’t north enough
- Canadian-built
Distant Early Warning Line
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