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Lecture 4: Assisted Immigration from Britain

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Ian Radforth

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Lecture 4: Assisted Immigration from Britain
-a minority movement through various experiments
-small schemes, big consequences: “chain migration”
-systematic immigration and colonization”
-Colonial Secretary, Lord Bathursts military settlements
-Peter Robinsons settlers (Almonte and Peterborough)
-Chelsea Pensioners (disabled veterans as settlers)
-most ppl came on their own steam
-debates in Brit about whether or not to fund the immigration
-was the expense worth it?
-some said yes, had to colonize the immigrants
-others said no, they would fund their way anyway
-in the end the laissez-fair argument won out
-weirdly the small amount of assisted immigration better documented, then the larger self-directed
-as the gov’t, the press kept records and wrote
-wanted to buffer against the US
-wanted Little Britains abroad, with class systems
-would bring stability in the empire
-systematic colonization, from 1829 onwards Edward Gibbon Wakefield argued that crown land
everywhere in the globe, that the land only be sold at a high price
-so that only prosperous ppl would be able to farm, who would develop the land as they
had the means
-and so would create estates, and recreate the lords and peasant system of Britain
-sometimes worked in Australia, a relatively isolated place
-but didnt work in Canada, as ppl just went to the US for
cheaper land
-by Lord Bathurst, developed by the govt, just after the great wars
-land given away and subsided for small numbers of immigrants
-some were soldiers of wars, demobilized
-thought the officers would provide leadership
-happened in some extent in some areas
-Perth, Upper Canada (near Ottawa)
-though eventually became civilian settlements
-some civilians of Brit, small numbers
-Tipperary settlers, 1818, overseen by Richard Talbot; Richmond, Upper Canada; Lucan,
Upper Canada, near London, ON
-from Tipperary, Ireland
-only 44 families, subsidized by gentlemen, in well-off area
-were Protestants in a Catholic area, in mid-Ireland
-appealed to Brit govt, wanted better opportunities
-745 families followed, thru chain migration
-the Irish Catholics followed were encouraged as well, and
settled next door, great violence in Lucan
-Bruce Elliot, Irish Migrants in the Canadas
-Peter Robinson, lawyer from Upper Canada, took charge of Irish immigrants
-as Brit govt esp. wanted to defuse the Irish situation in 1823
-so asked to go to Ireland and encourage them to move
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