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Newfoundland and the Maritimes

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Mc Kim

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Newfoundland, the Northwest and the North to the mid 19th century
Major themes:
1. Newfoundland
a. Similar yet different
2. The northwest and the north
a. Economic imperialism and cultural change
x Similar to the other in two ways
(1) Staple economy; cod fishery
(2) A demand for greater democratizations
x Different: there was an attempt by the British authorities (namely fish merchants) to
stunt the growth of the development of NFLD
x The region had been exploited early for the purpose of the cod fish, referred to as the
x 1610: England establishes itself as the imperial power in the region
x The English merchants present sought to discourage further settlement and colonization
o More people in the area would compromise their monopoly over the cod
x (íòíìE&>Æ]^µ-}o}vÇ_
x ÇZu]íòìì[Z}Æ]uoÇñìì]vo]À]vP]vZ}o}vÇ
o There were visitors, but only 500 stayed year around (including the winter)
x After some time tensions arose among British officials
o One side suggested discouraging colonization be continued
o Others wished to assert some sovereignty over the area
This was due to the fact that there were other European powers active in
the region; solidly English control
x In late 17th century the British recognize NFLD as a colony
as the other colonies
o The population steadily expands
1730: 2300
1800: 20 000
x The affairs of government/administration are carried out by fishing admirals
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