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Royal Takeover

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The Royal Takeover and the clash of Empires
Key Themes:
x Royal Takeover-1663
o Political and Economic Change
x Clash of Empires
o France vs. Great Britain
The Royal Takeover
x Louis XIV t ^^µv<]vP_
o And absolute ruler
o ^>[u}]_tThe State it is I.
o Rises to authority in 1661vhe embodies power in France
o ,Á}vPo]À]v^uv]o]u_ --Colonies existed simply to benefit
the mother country
Exploit the resources in the colonies
Create a market for the goods of the mother country
x Jean Batiste Colbert: Minister of the Marine and the Colonial Minister
o Wanted to transform New France into a regular French province
o Seeking to export to NA the government and economic structure of France
o Three objectives of Colbert
Promote population transfer from Old France to New France
Increase trade within the colony
Missionary work
o New France was a scattered colonyvthe main objective of the Royal Takeover of
1663 was to consolidate the three mentioned objectives under one absolute rule
o There was a pattern of governmental change
o }o]u}v}o&vP}À[µµ]vE&--- Divine Right of Kings
o This Governmental Change included:
Colbert and King did not govern on a day to day basis in colonies so
colonial rule was divided into three main positions/rulers
x (1) Governor:
o Usually a military officer or someone of noble birth, almost
always born in France
o He was the supreme authority in NF**
o Responsible for military and diplomacy in NF
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x (2) Intendant:
o Responsible for civil administration/legal affairs in NF
x (3)Roman Catholic Bishop:
o NF predominantly RC
o The Royal Takeover limited the powers of the Bishops with
the intro of the above two authoritiesvthe monarchy
feared that the bishop had too much power and
x TogetZZZ(]PµÁooZ^^}À]Pv}µv]o_
x Occasionally common folk (maybe 5-6) allowed to attend
sovereign council meetings
o Economic Change:
Seigneurial system dominant form of land tenure in Old and NF
Jean Talon:
x An intendant in 1665 t he changes the seigneurial system and the
land in NF divided up into long rectangular plots called
o Extend from the banks of St. Lawrence
o These seigneurs were the property of the king but the king
would occasionally award control of these land to
x Before the Royal Takeover physical land ownership(the person
who had control over the land must be present at the land to
exert the control) was NOT necessary however this changed after
1663 t this meant that since one had to be present to have
control land was now fully exploited
x Talon declares that physical occupancy is a must**
o The elites needed tenants on the landvtenants were the
peasant farmers
These farmers called themselves the habitants
o µo}(do}v[(}uE&[P]µoµo}µµ
increased significantly
o The colony became more economically self-sufficient
Clash of Empires
x England becomes more active to the north of NF
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