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3 Jan 2011
September 28, 2010
The Fur Trade and the Development of New France
-Champlains Dream (port royal, 1604; acadia; quebec (the effective capital French Empire,
samuel de champlain, father figure of French Canada; dream: that one day, new france
would rival and surpass france itself in terms of pop. ,wealth, and military and political
influence, two components: economic (fur trade as the essential vehicle to grow), religious
(morality, christinaity, inter-marriage between aboriginals and mixed people), superiority of
Christianity in western civilization, 1608; planted a cross to represent the Christianisation
of north America and as a sign of permament place, mutual reliance: French relied on
abriginals, aboriginals relied on france; aboriginal groups gained access to European trade
goods, advantageous for military reasons, access to fire arms, French gain access to the
pelts fetch high prices on European markets, indigenous knowledge on how to survive in the
new world; 1609: French agree to participate in a military conflict between the Algonquians
and the five nations, takes place southwest of quebec at a lake, curiosity and arrogance;
lake champlain, revolutionize warfare in north America, guerrilla warfare tactics
introduced, the alliance between French and Algonquians would get closer, yet the
development of new France would be slow)
-Mercantilism and the Company of 100 Associates
(mercantilism: believes that colonies exist to benefit the mother country, possesses two
characteristics: exploit of the natural resources of the given colony, seeks to transform as a
market in which to sell manufactured goods; company of 100 associates: 1627, commercial
enterpirse of business supported by 100 entrepreneurs, activities that fit with the principles
of mercantilism, trade monopoly over the fur trade, promises to promote the development of
the colony, encourage migraton of settlers, pledge to promoting the moral development of
new france (roman catholic church))
-Louis XIII and Cardinal Richelieu
(Louis: to strengthen the French presence in north america, Cardinal: rely on an important
on a high influential economic philosophy)
Christianity and Commerce
-The Fate of Huronia
(good terms with the French, accept Christina missionaries; jean de brebeuf: travel around
village to village in huronia, 1634: establish a permament missionary settlement called
saint marie among the hurons; trade goods, teaching of Christianity, brought small pox
(1639: pop. Reduced by half); meet in the 1630s and 40s to determine what to do with the
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