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HIS263 Oct 5
development of North America affected by developments elsewhere in the world
late 17th and 18th century struggle between Britain and France over imperial
first phase of imperial wars ended by the Treaty of Utrecht
New France faces unfavourable odds
Smaller and poorer
But New France had better relationships with Aboriginal groups, particularly the
In 1701, a great peace treaty is concluded in Montréal
For the first time, in many decades, the Five Nations assumed a position of
Treaty of Utrecht in 1713
Brings to end the War of the Spanish Succession
France was required o make major concessions in N. America
Because of the Treaty of Union France gave up claims to territory of
retain fishing rights in coastal waters of Newfoundland
France gives up all territory surrounding Hudsons Bay
France gives up claim to Acadia
the area colonized by French since the 1630s
French retain the Valley of the St. Lawrence River, Ile St. Jean (modern day P.E.I.),
and Ile Royale (Cape Breton Island)
Ile Royale is important because the French construct a mighty fortress
serves as an important center for economic activity (1713)
a major obstacle of the political and economic designs of the British in the North-
Atlantic world
Flowering of New France after 1713
warfare subsides
significant growth in New France
emerges as a fundamentally military society
New France was in a state of near-constant warfare with the Aboriginals,
particularly with the Five Nations and the Anglo-American colonists concentrated
in New England
farmers were terrified for their life particularly of the Iroquois
stifled the agricultural development of New France
in its place, a militia system develops
all men between 16 and 60 are required to participate
this draws attention away from developing the colonial economy
only period of peace is during the treaty of Utrecht
during this period industries emerge
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