HIS263Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Responsible Government, Maliseet, Scottish Enlightenment

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6 Apr 2012
The Mid-Atlantic Region to the Mid-Nineteenth Century
Each of these colonies are small and controlled by very small ruling elite from Britain with
appointed governments
By the end of 1850s, all 4 of these colonies will have representative governments and
governing councils drawn from the assemblies
Each of these 4 places is shaped by distinct patterns in indigenous newcomer relations
and distinct patterns in immigration
Distinct economies, distinct local politics
Each region in Canada have different issues that they bring at the federal level - many of
those issues can be traced back to this period
The populations all grow for the 4, but the rates of growth vary
Following the Napoleonic Wars in Europe, many soldiers on half or no pay, civilians who
were profiting lose contracts, not unusual for recessions to follow wars
People in British Isles looking for new enterprise and lives in Canada
Industrial Revolution happening in England - "cottage industry" in Britain being pushed
out by the products of new industry
Important to remember to lump all the British Isles together
England, Welsh, Scottish, Irish
Scots come especially to Nova Scotia
Bring common value for education, Scottish Enlightenment
Bring 2 religions, Protestant and Roman Catholic
Irish are usually the poorest - more Irish come before the Famine, not during
Mix of Protestants and Catholics --- Protestants merged, Catholics spoke Gaelic and stuck
Irish bring some conflicts with them
Much smaller numbers from Wales
Even less people from other nations (hopping off ships)
Whatever was happening at home, better to take a chance in new world
Boom dies by the 1850s
Remains a British colony until 1949
One of the earliest places that receives settlement early 17th century
Beothuk/Colonist Relations
o Conflicts between
o Shawnadithit - was captured, servant, and lived with ______ who recorded
information on her peoples - she was in the last of her tribe - one of 3 extinct
Native languages
o People originally just came for fishing in the summer
o Irish Catholic and English Protestant (50/50)
o Set up different settlements, intermarriage is discouraged - religious control
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