HIS263Y1 Lecture Notes - Canadian Shield, Mixed Economy, Asiatic Exclusion League

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6 Apr 2012
Farms, Factories and Bunkhouses
Host Society
Immigrants faced discrimination, Oliver's hierarchy of preferred immigrants mirrored
attitudes in the general public
Reactions in the host societies varied
Asiatic Exclusion League
o Asians faced the most discrimination
o 1900s in British Columbia was a huge force
o Local labour organizations didn't want economic competition and moral and cultural
o Large demonstrations in Vancouver
o Often meld them all together as "Asian" but sometimes are less discriminatory
against certain groups
The organizations have economic mixed with moral concerns
An Act to Prevent the Employment of Female Labour in Certain Capacities --- "White
Woman's Labour Law" (Saskatchewan, 1912)
o Banned Asian employers from employing white women
o Debate about whether a Russian immigrant was a white woman example
Often the language of race was extended to groups we wouldn't consider racially distinct
What people describe as race shifts over time
Immigration & Canadian Development
Economic boom - the government didn't collect stats on economic performance in those
1896-1914 railway mileage double - mining triples
Wheat and lumber tenfold
Immigrants are key to the economic boom
Farmers move back and forth between sites
Farming Frontier
o Iwan Mihaychuck
Heard that Canada had cheap plots
Met Canadian agents who suggested he head to Saskatchewan because there
is good land and not Manitoba where he had family - he goes to Manitoba
He rents a small cabin for his family and they pick nuts and berries to survive
and to sell
1901 they secure a homestead but it was too rocky and swampy to farm
Stayed with relatives over the winter and headed east where he wasn't
supposed to settle - squats
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