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Published on 14 Apr 2012
Lecture 42 The government party in Ottawa
1:11 PM
1. June 10, 1957
o John Diefenbaker won minority government for conservative party since the liberals were in
power for 22 years
o Two popular liberals were st Laurent and McKenzie king
o St Laurent was corporate lawyer from Quebec city, alternated between English and French
Canadian leaders
o Liberals in power for so long and nature of liberal governments in this period
2. Uncle Louis
o Civil service emerges in modern sense and seen as idea generator for the party
o J.L Granatstein, The Ottawa Men , such as Pearson who worked in external affairs bank,
etc, had three characteristics, - were highly educated and discussed how the government
should operate , second, they entered these key ministries from late 20ies to late 1940s
third is that they share intellectual approach - moderate liberalism, belief in free markets,
British democracy, and government seen as positive force that should be modernised
o They de - emphised the party itself or mobilise your base,
o At the same time liberal parties go to advertising companies to communicate their liberal
o Cockfiled brown - biggest advertising company in Canada, helps define themes in liberal
action campaigns, they decide the most marketable aims for the liberals, conservatives
tried to frame the liberals
o H.E. Kidd vice president at Cockfield brown advertising company and a secretary
3. Growth and ideology
o These approached shaped the way the liberals shaped their government in post war
o Polls suggested that the commonwealth cooperation that the conservative party was
running neck in neck with liberals
o By 1940s and 50s they go back to centralist rule,
o there are few dramatic innovations in the 1960s, second the government recommits itself in
the enterprise to revisit the economy, government set up factories
o By40s, these war corps were dismantled and left to private initiative,
o The government does provide civil service after post war period
o Military spending is key priority , party for Canada's participation in the Korean and Cold
War which provided economic growth
o Infrastructure megaprojects is another aspect of the government party, such as the Trans
Canada highway and the St Lawrence Seaway , its initiated as a shared cost program, where
the federal government gave mosey to the provinces to build federal specifications
o St Lawrence seaway was continental between Canada and Us, a diplomacy on water that
cost under a billion dollars
o Overall it speaks of optimism of age
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