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17 Apr 2012
February 15th, 2012
Articles deal with different aspects of 1920s and realities of depression
First article—case study of working class youth, Edmonton in 20’s
Important to think about what the article is trying to say broadly
How the 1920s typically, traditionally, interpreted
Given your knowledge of 1920s, and how they’re traditionally depicted
o Prosperity, grand time, extravagant, big spending, rich people living luxuriously
o Monetarily rich yet morally depraved
o Social gap
o Optimism for future, investments, confidence
o Thought it was the war to end all warson that scale, thought there was security to come
First article Rebecca colter, does ti jive with traditional interpretation, if not, why?
o Typical narrative more true of big industrial centres of Canada
o Highlights regional division between urban metropolis and agriculture centres who
didn’t see that boom that associated with the roaring 20’s
o Description that 1920s full of hardship for working class people in general, didn’t share
same material progress that middle and upper class may have traditionally been
o Working with that historical interpretation
If someone asked you to make observations about that experience, what would people say?
o Observations taken away from that experience fo working class youth in Edmonton
entered workforce really early, no time to be a child
o In workforce, stress to get job and keep it, no union, exposed to instabilities of labour
o Leave families early, extends passed work, have to find homes, hit early realities
o Economic circumstances forced their hands
o Wages very low
o Kids ahve to drop out of school to earn living, choice between learning or earning
o If you don’t have education over time, you have less chance of getting descent jobs, out
of luckleaves less time with leisure, which was associated with 20s
o We see a different description of 20’s life
Steps taken by federal or provincial government to alleviate plate of working class young here?
o Page 445, federal gov established within unemployment service created a juvenile
divisionshows not just a few people but a majoritygetting involved in job placement
o But at same time, ineffective, created the section but didn’t have people really working
to find the jobs, more toothless and formal than anything else
Minimum wage issuedo you think business was supportive or opposed to introduction of
minimum wage
o Broad perspective of businesses didn’t want governments interfering with what work
was worth
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