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17 Apr 2012
March 23rd, 2012
expo 67 and incident history
bobby gimby “canada”video clip
evoking nationalism and billingualism
singing both english and french, quebec flag canada flag
reference to union jack
optimistic youthful, billingual, bicultural place
story centenial commision wants to tell about canada in 1967
its not set in streets of montreal or toronto but in the expo '67, which was a world's fair, move all
over, and montreal chosen in 1967, opportunity for canada to tell its story to the world
canada is organizing
story we see in the background of film is of a modern technological progressive city
futuristic modern palce
story of technologially progressive country
set on island of st laurence river
journalist robert fulford—speaks of sense of modern forward country
canadian pavilion, not showing beavers or mountains but tech. Progressed
almost complete absence of british reference
queen showed up to expo but noone saw expo as culmination of british values in canada
historians talk about incident history, where they try to tease out meaning out of a moment like
today with this artifact, what frames fo reference do we need to put this in
whole ocmmunity based on britishness and by 1967 put the image of the futuristic pavilian
last vestiges of colonial status
King and his advisor louis st.laurent—began discussing idea of last vestiges of colonial status
citizen ship act of 1946, bill of parliament came into affect in 1947, created category of canadian
citizen, creates identity and status beofre january 1st, 1947, attributes from canadian citizenship
wouldnt have been derived from citizenship
completely unprecedented in british empire
beign a canadian citizen before this was a british subject in canada, but changed it
idea of national citizenships spreads across empire
abolished appeals to judicial committee of the privy council—which was british supreme court,
highest court of appeal, 1949 abolished appeals to them which meant supreme court of canada
highest court for canadian legal cases
vincent massey, 1952 governor general, prior to him they were british aristocrats, he is the first
canadian born governor general
distinctive canadian flag—canada's flag used to be union jack or incorporated it
controversial issue
parliamentary committee to discuss the idea, 14 public sessions, 40,000 communications from
canadian public, many designs sent in
should canadian flag contian union jack
english canadians thought it should be on their
quebec against colonial vestige
king backs off And abandons idea because its too controversial
mid 1960s issue again with lester b pearson raises idea of distinctively canadian flag
over 300 speeched
1965 our flag came up,, pearson pushed ahead because eh wanted to make peace with
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