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17 Apr 2012
March 28th, 2012
check past exams, format consistent
progress, not always recieved as positively as outlined in theory
some people didnt like progress as articulated here
arrowlakes community
africa bill in halifax
start by thinking about bc, in post war era, a lot of state sponsored mega projects on their way, a
lot of nature and development that lay behind logic of these projects, what are these basic ideas
about nature development that lay behind these projects:
nature there to be exploited and harness for our benefit, nature should operate in this equation
means of economic prosperity, resource to be tapped
government wanted to connect urban and rural together
in terms of these ideas, what kind of thinking these ideas epitomized?
Science and technology supposed to propel society, looking towards the future, staying out of
the past
what advantages could they bring?
Science will fix all our problems
every aspect of society better
science a new religion
keep up to date with the rest of the world
testing the limits of capability, altering nature through capital industry for purposes of
economic development, science guiding principles all along that process
why science, so appealing, what did it represent in adherence to modernism
something a-political, something to plough ahead with without debate
after wwii, saw the power with science, atom bomb, military used science more in how they
planned and equipped troops
society in general sees science as a powerful entity and something to harness
humanity destined to alter nature
inevitability driving this ideology forward
science by nature objective, rational, partial
easier to get behind these ideas
not subjective like answering an essay question, slightly different way of looking at things
community has to get resettled
positive outcomes planners would have from resettling these communities
convenience, closer, schools, churches recreation all together
safety of the community
not sparsely populated, denser compact community
spread embrace of technology
why are these planners so involved with reorganizing these communities, what limitations did the
planners see in the old way before the project?
buy out other land theyre settled on
lots of immigration, no organization, need to make this community more eonomically
beneficial and fix up the laid back town
hard to govern, everyone fragmented in views and neighborhood sparse
efficiency guides principles that underpin high modernist thinking, efficiency achieved
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