HIS 263 Feb. 10
1.The elusive twenties
2.Optimistic, roaring and booming 20s
3.Other 1920s, unrest instability, uncertainty and pessimism
b.William lyon Mackenzie king, liberal, prime minister: 1921-6, 1926- 1930,
1935 1948
i.Player of coalition
ii.Skilled politics
iii.Master of coalition game of Canadian politics
c.Maritime rights movement
i.Grievances declining economic power political,
ii.Population growing slowly
iii.Economy period long term stagnation, industrial economy decline
iv.Emerging region patriotism cultural, social, economical
v.High tariffs should protect maritime industry, better railway rates
vi.Economic interests, tariffs and railway was basis of east west economy
vii.Confederation bargain
viii.Unlike progressives, worked within existing party structure
1.Liberal party
ix.1921, particular bind
d.First prime minister without majority
i.Western front, lower tariff, eastern front want higher tariff
e. Moderate progresses
f. Royal commissions to put off
g.Continue the instability
h.1926 return to stability by liberals
i.1925 need progressives to decide stalement
5.The assault of prohibition
i.Local bootleggers, back of a house, restaurant
b.Blind pigs
i.Small illegal bars, run by women
c.Citizens liberty leagues
d.Moderation leagues
e.Liquor control board of Ontario, 1927
f. Ladies and escorts
6.Technology and culture
a.Board of censors Ontario, 1911
b.Eliminations sheets
c.Thriving movie industry
a.3 quarters branch plants America
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