HIS 263 October 12
History, what happened
What people say happen
English trying to intergrate the French Canadians there
Remembering the conquest
oDiffering perspectives
Language, religion, justice system
Older perspective
o19th century sentiment influence shapes the way it
oWillaim kingsburg not tested
oFirst history of Canada
oGives voice expresses many English speaking provinces
oInforming interpretation
oNot a bad thing for the Canadian French people
oNew France was backward
oUnenterprising oppressive
oGood for the French, vastly superior enlightened British regime
oIt was dynamic
oProsperous moving forward, free not oppressive, English
oFreedom expresses manliness
oCommunal or national context French Canadians humiliation
Resulted in dominant English speaking people to assimilate them
That was religious language do away with French distinction
Survey teens early 20s their reflection
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Document Summary

His 263 october 12: history, what happened, what people say happen, english trying to intergrate the french canadians there, remembering the conquest, differing perspectives.  resulted in dominant english speaking people to assimilate them.  france pulls the plug on the north american empire.  britain was not sure it wanted canada. English was more protestant: solidify fundamental central components of cultural identify, disgruntal chief ottawa pontiac.  upset by they pecieve as illegal incurstions by anglo american settlers.  great ohio territory: english was illegal, french was traveling around, gift diplomacy.  british didn"t want to do this, disregarded indigenous claim and moved in.  upsets pontiac: 1763 violent clashes occur, pontiac captures forts, kill several hundred settlers, known as pontiacs rebellion, one instance language can be politically charge www. notesolution. com, rising up and lashing out, more as pontiacs resistance. Jeffery amherst call for the use of biological warfare: blankets as gifts infected with smallpox, end that year.

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