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sept 28

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HIS 263 September 28, 2010
Major themes
oThe fur trade and the development of New France
Establishment of Quebec permanent French outpost in 1608
Before that tried to establish a permanent base
Port royal in Nova Scotia
French choose not the central point
Name the broader area atlantic Canada wider area arcadia
Distance of st. Lawrence river French abandon arcadia
Decide to make Quebec capital of the French empire
oCalled new france
Samuel Champlain
oMap maker
oScientist, naturalists
Father figure of French Canada
oImportant role of growth of new france
Champlains Dream; mercantilism and he company of 100 associates
Rival and surpass France itself
oIn population
oThis vision or dream inter related components
Recognize the fur trade project to grow
Projecting Christian ideals in northern North America
Small number of French settlers in the New World
Large scale processings
Conversion of natives
Intermarriage natives and Europeans as a mix race
Central to Champlains vision
Move closer to their destiny
Not early multicultural
Not exchanging
Takes for granted the superiority of Christianity western
oQuebec city for a base in 1608
French see themselves as a permanent power
o1535 Jacques Cartier symbolic imperialism of planting a cross
Desire a Christian place
French going to be permanent occupiers
Legal control over New France
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