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Dec 2

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Mc Kim/ Penfold

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The assimilation Agenda December 2
1.Long term and wide spread conferderation opposition in Nova Scotia after 1867
2.West of the great lakes in the Red River
3.Next phase of Canadian history, attempts from the government to assert its
authority of the natives like never before, bring about assimilation or absorption
4.Course: HIS 263 Y1Y
a.Section L0101
b. Instructor (first term): D Mckim
5.The assimilation agenda
a.Treaties; Indian act; residential schools
6.Expanding the Dominion
a.Pacific coast; Atlantic region
7.Dominion apply to the British north American Samuel Tilly
a.From the bible
b.72 song dominion sea to sea from god
c.Abstract idea
d.1870s would become an actual fact
8.The assimilation
a.Seven numbered treaties, 1871 1877
i.Royal proclamation
b. Indian act, 1876
i.Status Indians
c.Residential schools
9. John a McDonald wanted to ensure other violence like red river would not occur
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