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September 21st 2010

by OC7

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Vasilis Dimitriadis

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Sept 21st
- Liberialism challeneged concept of balance of power
- many empires challenged by rising liberialism and nationalism, from the same place
- 1805 and 1807, Napoleon almost destorying this European system, almost creating a personal
- after Napoleon, pleged to create an international system that would ensure and guarantee that
another individual/threat like the French revolutionaries that could undermine the European state
- Congree of Vienna: nationalism and liberialism would be eliminated
- Holy Alliance: to ensure no revolution would take part in their empires since all 3 empires were
multi-ethnic empires
- Quadruple Alliance: strictly political and military alliance against the France if they try to take
over Europe again
- pin the borders of France
- Crimean War undermined both alliances
- Napoleon III found a weak spot to tackle the weakest of the 3 empires t Russia was isolated
- the Russians were the ones who defeated Napoleon
- 1854, Russians no longer the great empire that they were once in 1814/1815
- they did not follow in modernization
- took them 3 months to send support to the Mediterranean, only took British 3 weeks
to go around the continent
- 1817, France wiped out by Bismark in Franco-Prussian war.
- Britain never cared, except their colonial power, as long as there was stability. This left France hunting
for an ally.
- Germany became the mass power of Europe and the new Kaiser wanted it to be reflected, esp. in
German possessions.
- Germans never had a navy, they were always a land power. The Kaiser decided to build a navy.
- British did not care about the European development.
- British had the best navy and German had the best army. Britain knew Germany would eye Britain so
did not cooperate with them.
- Russians felt they had more rights to the Balkans than the Austrians.
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