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Lecture 5

Lecture 5-his245

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University of Toronto St. George
Dr.Carla Hustak

HIS245: Women in Europe –Lecture 5 Gendering Early Modern Capitalism: The Politics of (Re)Productive Labour, Guild Membership, and Managing Money -Capitalism as process, transformations over time, specific features 1. Gender Division of Labour 2. Value of Labour: Skilled vs. Unskilled 3. Distribution of Wealth 4. Specialization, Monopolies -early modern joint stock companies, mercantilism, colonial economies, nation-states Questions for Us: In what ways was early modern capitalism gendered? How did economic relations define bodies as masculine or feminine? I. Developments of Early Modern Capitalism a) “Mercantile Capitalism” -accumulation of wealth (bullion), the state, trading, maritime empires, Jean-Baptiste Colbert b) Proto-industrialization -economic organization of women’s labour, value, and productivity -recruitment of ‘home-work’ into economic system and invisible labour -“putting-out” system, cottage industry c) Specialization -gendered differentiation of skills: productive vs. unproductive, wage-labour, make-shift II. Women’s Craftsmanship and Guild Membership -early forms of the sexual politics of unionization th th -guilds first organized 12 or 13 centuries -some female guilds develop in Cologne, Paris, Rouen -medieval period: references to female masters and male masters -male relatives, workshops, and training -male bonding and work cultures of exclusion -example of social networks, journeymen’s associations, Jacques Ménètra -Wiesner on “guild honour” and journeymen -efforts to curtail women’s guild membership -example of early modern German jurist of 1685: “Masculine sex is one of the indispensable basic preconditions for admission to a guild. The entire social order is based upon each sex taking on those tasks which are most fitting to its nature.” -gendering the nature and structures of work: - capping wages, piece-ra
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