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Imperialism in Korea and the Road to War

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Carry Takagaki

Imperialism in Korea and the Road to WarMar 1 2011 Russian TransSiberian Railway o 1898 Russia gets 25 year lease on Liaodong Peninsula and permission to build railway from Harbin to Port ArthurRussoJapanese War 19041905 o 1905 Japan defeats the Russian fleet at Tsushima Straito September 5 1905 The Treaty of Portsmouth New HampshireRussia recognizes Japans interests in KoreaJapan takes over Russias lease over LiaodongJapan gains sovereignty over half of Sakhalino Queen Min wife to King Kojong assassinated by Japanese agents Strategy o cheap Korean rice soybeans and other agricultural products would flow into Japan o increased income of Koreas rural population would lead to a demand for Japanese light industries eg cloth ceramics watches kerosene lamps etc o May 1904 Japanese cabinet decides that Japan must assume responsibility for Koreas internal stability and national security KoreanJapanese Convention of November 17 1905 The Protectorate Treaty o Korea becomes a protectorate of Japan o Japanese Office of the Residence General dictates Korean foreign relations o Japan troops enforce law and order in Korea o January 30 1902 the AngloJapanese Alliance Britain and Japaneach nation recognizes each others privileges in ChinaBritain recognizes Japans special interests in Koreaagrees to support each other in case of a Russian attacko July 29 1905 TaftKatsura Agreement USA and JapanAmerica recognizes Korea as part of Japanese sphere of interest in return for a Japanese recognition of US domination over the Philippines and Guam captured in the SpanishAmerican War 18981900 o 1907 Emperor Kojong appeals to Second Hague Conference June 15 to October 18 190746 nations send delegates to the Hague for peace conference Hague Secret Emissary Affair o Korea not allowed to take part in Conference as the major powers view Japan as representing Korea o 1907 Japan replaces Emperor Kojong with his son Sunjong
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