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University of Toronto St. George
Vasilis Dimitriadis

What is the primary purpose of a state? - Is its own survival and nothing else citizens matter only as much so we pay the taxes so the state stays alive regardless of its political nature, citizens are only the means to ensure its own survival when we pay taxes how is survival ensured? = by adhering to its own national security and national interests = long term health and security interests > the long term interest is used to create its own national policy and how do they formulate it? > there is a realistic approach on what actions to take within the foreign policy immediate security concerns are the main focus as well as immediate health concerns when you maintain the border of your state, you maintain the sovereignty of your state = security is crucial national interest and national security are the two main components how does the state ensure these two things? = By Statecraft = Diplomacy - What do you need for negotiation? = an issue of concern and conflict and the desire to negotiate your needs if negotiations dont work, you can bring in Deterrence if deterrence doesnt work, you bring in Diplomacy which requires some sort of military action it could fail and succeed If Diplomacy doesnt work, the ultimate tool at states disposal is Force = War > War is foreign policy by other means > War is applying military pressure to your opponent and most of the time states used war as the simple and state forward solution > war turned out to be fa
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