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June 6th Lecture-Summer

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Vasilis Dimitriadis

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Lecture 6 - Treaty of Utrecht 1713 ended the Nine Years War what was the most important thing in the treaty? the entire treaty came down in 3 separate peace agreements language that was used for the first time throughout all these agreements ( between the French, British and Dutch French and Austrians or the Holy Roman Empire French and Spaniards) in every single one of them, the important aspect was the balance of power for the first time embedding it into the agreement and into the language the best guarantee for Europe was peace > peace can only be achieved if a balance of power could be obtained balance of power became a crucial component in the European stability state system and without it, no state can survive for the first time is became part of the treaty - From 1713-1715 a string of checks and balances were done to maintain the balance of power so successful that for 20 years thereafter, no major war was to occur and that naturally despite the fact that not every signatory to the peacetreaty was happy for it there were a number of states that were disappointed about the peacetreaty because of the French and British actions by making a deal behind everyone else no secondary powers could continue on with the war without French or British support In particularly upset about the peacetreaty were Spain and Austria who are both secondary powers > neither of them able to carry on the war on their own and both required assistance > Spain required French assistance and Austria required British assistance > they had to swallow their pride and accept the treaty How important was the treaty in international relations? Even 165 years thereafter, in Europe they still remember the Treaty of Utrecht What secured this agreementWhat lead up to it? - Spanish possessions, the Habsburg Empire and the holy Roman Empire after the 30 years war, Austrian gains can clearly be seen why on earth was Charles still upset? during the 30 years war, the British and the Dutch guaranteed that Charles II would inherit Spain and yet they turned their back on the Habsburg and supported Phillipo the 5 (Phillip of Anjou), king of Spain also Phillpo was upset because he lost his entire Italian inheritance so neither side accepted was happy and wanted to continue on with the war but couldnt because of Britain and France
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