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Denis Smyth

Wednesday September, 12 . 2012 Lecture #2. Professor Smyth History103y1-y State Craft and Strategy Otziman: The “iceman”-500,300 years old. Discovered just outside Italy-on a shelf rock due to global warming. Investigation reported that he was the oldest human remains found. Initially th kept in ice. On November 20 foil autopsy was done to how he died and lived. It was assumed that he was a lonely huntsman. However, through the autopsy the repost came to be a lie and that he actually perished quite violently. Cause of death was an arrow to the shoulder, arm, and head. Report showcased blood decay – defensive stance-scars- died in some sort of fight. He was truly represented as the oldest human remains being found. Assumed to be 15-50 years old, which was pretty old back then. Absolute cause of death was conflict. 20 century; wars and conflicts- 75 percent died in the pre-historic era and 2 percent in the 20 th century. Something obviously happened between those times. What could the absolute main cause of this massive reduction be? Sovereignty of the state.  Sooner or later every section of humanity will have the sovereign state; it is the single explanation of the huge reduction  At the end of the day populations will come together for a government to form a single state. These states managed to govern themselves because they satisfied and catered to the human needs. Basic needs include; food (substance), shelter, security. (the three s’)  The needs of the people in all time were the qualities the states aimed to provide.  Diplomatic structure, strategic security, personal security were major factors but the absolute most important was Physical Survival. It was most essential for both personal and state level. You cannot enjoy life without it. There is no life without it. That’s what the sovereign states worked for.  In return of their favor the states demanded absolute obedience from their citizens. So in return for physical security they have in obedience  Beyond that as their primary goal, the function of the state was to reserve the collective security of its subjects (citizens). If it fails to provide security they will withdraw. Example; world war – they were not doing their jobs hence they failed their people  Fundamental factor of the state; collective security/ defense. This challenge has not th gotten easier through the years but instead much more challenging. Until the 20 century it was imposed that there was 2 dimensional factors of war; land was sea. Until however, the 20 century came along it became land, sea, and sky. 3 dimensional factors means that now it is harder in protecting national security
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