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Vasilis Dimitriadis

HIS103Y Lecture 46 April 2nd. Total War and Total Victory Three fold lecture: - Controversial deal – Western leaders given up Eastern Europe from Soviet Union at Yalta (another appeasement) o Non-European State (Russia) dominated the International system for the first time. o Another controversial deal btw Churchill and Stalin 1944 o Churchill saw the need of balance of power o Britain was not the dominant international power anymore. o Offered Stalin a division of the Balkans to at least retain British influence at the Balkans.  Greece (B9: 1S), Yugoslavia (B5: 5S), Hungary (B5: 5S), Romania (B1: 9S)  Stalin kept the promise: even though there was a communist uprising in Greece, he let it lose by the British. - Importance of Intelligence  Every single political decision depended on information brought by the intelligence.  What is Intelligence?  Acquisition of information by all means  Not just spies.  Analyze and interpret all the information that gathered.  Disseminate the information properly  If not, your country would be doomed.  Sending Human intelligence, intercepting enemies’ communication, misleading enemies (deception)  In the war, ‘force’ and ‘fraud’ are the most important factors.  How intelligence shaped the outcome of the war?  British had to get all war material and food from the United States. Needed 36 million tons for a year. o Submarine warfare. o Hitler wanted to defeat Britain as soon as possible before U.S. intervenes. Used submarine to defeat Britain.
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