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Vasilis Dimitriadis

Treaty ensures prevention of future devastating wars -Soldiers came up with proverb of their own -IR and politics became secularized -Pope lost power and HRE lost influence -Princess and rulers of petty states gained full independence Establish permanent embassies, borders, security and solve minor frictions that may have led to further wars Habsburg powers (Spain and Austria) could not reunite again Crucial for Spain vs France 11 more years New political ranking – France > Spain French diplomacy was greatest in Europe France largest and most populous - 19-20 mil China...India...France (pop) Centralized burocracy - plenty of money in terms of taxation - richest state Established LARGEST army - 100k soldiers…unheard of Times of war = 400-500K.. Young and ambitious prince/king After Cardinal Mazarin died Louis XIV declared himself the chief minister of the state Louis = I AM THE STATE Own will and objectives for France Glory – extreme - nothing more important Pursue glory or through glory Saw himself as the apex of French society French was to be recognized as the apex of Europe, as the most Christian state 1661 - 20 years to build a palace Louis wanted to move out of Paris to build it Louis wanted to show the world that France = King via PURSUIT OF GLORY...WAR! Be a man! Too narrow of a view...main goal was HRE – become emperor to raise prestige Main goal = Security for France to remain a viable member of Europe 72 Years of Reign As he aged his foreign policy evolved He inherited many ALLIANCES - notably DUTCH and ENGLISH Champion of freedom of petty states in HRE Louis gained from the war was a young bride and territory along Spanish border French didn’t care about naval power - not an island - secondary importance French cared about borders around continent Spanish border, Northern Italy, Northern border of Dutch Central border of Germany Rhine river...300m flowing...very difficult to cross over...not a concern Border of Spanish and Netherlands...low countries Poland, Belgium (below sea l
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