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University of Toronto St. George
Vasilis Dimitriadis

Napoleon – ruler, arbiter of Europe Britain survived Napoleon’s hegemony 1807-08 Control the shoreline of Europe to prevent British to trade Full control…1807 – petty state in Portugal having access to the atlantic, who had control Portugal denied continental system to help British to keep doing what they did Napoleon decided to invade Portugal and compel them to accept the system Spain is in between France, so Napoleon offered them the treaty of fontainebleu, promising them that Portugal would be brought back into the Spanish Empire. French and Spain suffer relationship…Spain blames France – Louisiana, end of 7YW…given to Spain since France lost war Napoleon took Louisiana back in 1803, Napoleon short of cash so he sold it to NA Spain monarchy, who should rule over Spain Napoleon changed from general to emperor, no longer thought as a general so political = more important as an emperor Best place to start his dynasty was Spain 130k already stationed in Spain Spring 1808 anti French, in Madrid, rebellion, capitalize and remove monarchy and replace it with Joseph who would become Spanish king. Small rebellion in Madrid caught Napoleon by surprise…uprise by entire country…quality of army stationed in Spain = young and inexperienced, unable to crush the Spanish rebellion 1808 stunning reversal, Spain wins vs. France Political consequences when you no longer have full control
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