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University of Toronto St. George
Vasilis Dimitriadis

HIS 103 Tutorial Questions The ‘Eastern Question’ and the Crimean War 1. What impact did the revolutions of 1830 (France, Belgium, Poland) have on the European state system? 2. Why was the treaty of Unkiar Skelessi significant? Signed between Russia and the Ottoman Empire in 1833 Turkey would pay Russia annually promise of mutual assistance should either be attacked by a foreign power a defensive treaty A secret article exempted Ottoman from sending military forces; instead, they were to close the Dardanelles to all non-Russian ships--possibly an offensive treaty Britain and France were suspicious fearing that Ottoman had given Russia freedom of action to send warships through the Dardanelles. 3. Why did France align itself with Mehemet Ali? The Great Powers having reached a compromise to end the revolt of Mehmet Ali, the Eastern Question lay dormant for approximately a decade until revived by the Revolutions of 1848. Though Russia could have seized the opportunity to attack the Ottoman Empire—France and Austria were at the time occupied by their own insurrections—she chose not to do so. The Emperor Nicholas instead committed his troops to the defence of Austria, deeming that the goodwill established in the proces
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