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Kenneth Bartlett

HIS109 Nov. 10/2010 Absolutism France became the model of the absolute regime French monarchy was challenged by the wars of religion – continuation of problems that lead to the reconstruction of the monarchy Richelieu imposed order on the chaos that resulted after the death of Henry the th 4 Ensured that France would not be encircled by the kingdom of the Hapsburg Empire France at a point of dissolution with the assassination of France, while being saved and resurrected Marie de Medicis Lived for her own pleasure, did not know what to make of her son Was committed to her Italian favourites; such as Concino Concini Louis XIII Louis XIII wasn’t smart or subtle, had personality problems, France was also in a desperate state Inherited a nation that was in a bad state, did not want his mother to exercise influence over France with her Italian favourites Banished his mother from court The Career of Cardinal Richelieu (A. du Plessis de Richelieu) Richelieu was too young to become a bishop (he was 21, had to be 23) he went to Rome & lied about his age, and the pope allowed him to become a pope Became an ideal reforming bishop by improving the education of the bishops, & through reorganization Became a servant to Louis XIII Went to serve Marie who was banished, but was seen as too intelligent & exiled in Avignon The queen who detested her son did not want him to be king, without her exercising any influence France seemingly to be ripped apart (Louis on one side, Marie on the other) Richelieu was called back to court, Louis asked him to tell Marie to stop making war against him (convinced her to separate from the nobles who wanted to start a civil war) Richelieu became cardinal, and chief minister of the crown Louis realized his limitations, needed a strong and intelligent chief minister (Richelieu) to create a centralized France Richelieu had three policies: 1) Control the Calvinists who function as a state within a state, think that the royal edict can be undone 2) Control the feudal nobility 3) Control the Hapsburgs, especially the Spanish Louis did not hate the Huguenots, but he did distrust anyone who might challenge the authority of the crown that Louis saw the Huguenots doing Declared war on the Huguenots despite insufficient funds, besieging La Rochelle Huguenots had to surrender to the cardinal Richelieu did not respond the way many European wanted: instead; the walls of La Rochelle were torn down, Protestants & Catholics given equal rights Saw Protestants as hardworking citizens that
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