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Kenneth Bartlett

European Civ. History Sept. 17/12  Feudalism o End of roman empire represented end of all roman beings, things, representations. o World became local – focused on peoples needs o Trade ended (no means to support it) cities began to decline.  No security  No safety o Rome began to vanish  You needed to provide for yourself, network, and make ties  Need for security became a necessity. Brute force, or attaching yourself to someone for a fee who could provide thus o Client patron relationship.  These people were given help and in return they were organized into a private army of sorts.  Increasingly military  As cities declined safety became rural.  Countryside was secure; brought clients with them.  Cities were consumers not producers.  Foundations of feudalism  Willing to fight and support the more powerful person in order to attain food, housing etc. o Tribal chiefton  Given to the toughest, brutalist warriors  Thugs – chosen retainers; group of people who were always around to do the bidding of the (comez)  Began to settle down and end the nomadic ways.  System built up beginning of 9 cent. Need for protect. Created system of personal ties – owed everything to higher standing peoples. o No gov. ran by the powerful upper standing peoples. o Personal and Private power and intentions o Increasing connection to military o System began  Technological change – changed the face of soc. Eco. Pol. o Stir ups. Was the advance.  It was an advantage in military and gave the upper hand. Created by barbarians in asia.  Began training from childhood to fight on horseback. Very difficult.  Growing recognition for the “thugs”  Had a relationship of trust and commitment for the men and the master.  Became Chivalries (Knights). o Knights  Extreme. Expen. Investment.  Foot soldiers were mowed down  Res
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