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September Notes

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Kenneth Bartlett

September Notes Feudalism A fragmentation of political powerImportant when the Roman empire crumbledSecurity was offered to society and some form of GovWhat was available was usedSocial prestigethe heads of the system hadLocalization of power by people who were able to PowerPower is the issuegreater than wealthcontrol of landland represented power Who ever owned land enjoyed the privilege enjoyed the fact that they could take tariffs from the people judge the people and send the people to defendReal power resided with locality not great jurisdictionsWhat matters the most is the locality of which you live and who the owner of the place wasThings that people owned gave them powerpower was in your personal possessions Public power in someones handMilitary service was linked with public land ownersSomeone had to protect you and that was the local authoritiesTechnologystirrupinventionfor the back of the horse to help balance youthis made fighting on a horse easier and gave them a military advantageThe knight classnobility Had different kinds of insecurityThey would give the fighters more land so that they could train and keep their land well equippedFeudalism was a method of government All groups in power try to use society and your power to suite your needs Take the positive and negative and redefine them so it solves itselfto an extent this is what feudalism did Held the prestigeChivalrya model of behavior based on what these people doThis was good and right and justThings and values and principle that you look towards3 Orders of European Society Divided into estates3 Estates eventually 1 Members of the ChurchclergyThe King cant help himself to the Churchs belonging the Church can make the people pay taxes The Pope could excommunicate the King or ANYONE
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