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December Notes

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University of Toronto St. George
Kenneth Bartlett

December Notes December 1 2010French Revolution y Divided into 3 estatesy 1 ClergyLeast numerous They had mobility There was a very small population of Clerics They controlled 10 of the arable land of the kingdoms Variations of wealth and status The bishops and archbishops owned large estates They came from wealthy familiesNobles of the Swords The idea of clerical living was not something that was envied The granting of free gifts protection money the Church would grant money to the King So they wouldnt be taxedthy 2 The Second Estate400000 Nobel Classowns 14 of the land of France These functions had no longer had any meaning Anyone who could afford it would live in Versailles They were very distant from the people that pay their ways They were anything but a uniform class The Nobles of the Sword Noblesse de lepee They could ask the king for favors They would sell their sons to a wealthy family with a big dowry They were arrogant selfish and despised everyone who wasnt descended from LouisUnder them were the Nobles of the Robe Noblesse de la robe They wanted to be accepted by the Nobles of the Sword They tried to compete with them in their lifestyles They were more enlightened They tended to be more educated Added a little bit of class to the upperclass Bobereaux Lived in the countryside and despised by everyone They were nasty and not wanted y 3 Everyone elseFeudalism and serfdom hadnt been abolished Most peasants owned some part of their land They were able to grow different foods and their land was arable There was an archaic tax structure Over population They were taxed many maxes They also had to pay tithes They didnt want only y The Bougousie were knew about the enlightened thinkers yAll the classes were annoyedthy The king was king Louis 16Had the best of intentionsy Mary Antoinette was married to him Louis adored Mary Antoinette He always yielded to hery The kingdom was becoming laxed y There was not enough money y Because of the money being sent to America The French debt was in extreme trouble y He chose a philosophe to be the economist y He told Mary that she couldnt keep buying what ever she liked
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