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World War One

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University of Toronto St. George
Kenneth Bartlett

European Civilization Lecture - World War One March 7, 2011 -greatest destroyer of life and civilization and the new Europe and the dynasties that had controlled Europe for centuries- WW1 -WW1- war to end all wars -century between congress of Vienna and ww1 was the most peaceful time in European history -This indicated that the state system established at the congress of Vienna created a very stable organization and structure wehre progress could take place and change could happen in a relatively peaceful way -Everyone on the continent was walking blindly into that event (WW1) -Immediate causes of WW1: assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand Franz Ferdinand: -was assassinated in Sarajevo in 1914- this triggered WW1 -this assassination attacked Austro-Hungarian empire as a whole -One of theories for him being shot: he married against wishes of his uncle and his marriage was not recognized by the Hapsburgs -Other: He wanted to turn the dual monarchy into a triple monarch by giving the Slavs some rule. -Gavrilo Princip shot Archduke Franz Ferdinand- it was orchestrated by the Serbian secret police and the Serbian government -Austrians gave ultimate to Serbs and Serbs accepted most of them but one. -Russians saw themselves as the Slavic protectors -French started to stir up the Russians. They said that the Russians could to back down because it would weaken then Triple Entente (France, Britain, Russia) For Russians to back down it would weaken the authority of the Triple Entente against the Triple Alliance -Germans were ambiguous. They felt that the Austrians had received enough from Serbs and that the Austro-Hungarians were being overly zealous for
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