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University of Toronto St. George
Anthony Cantor

HIS241November 3Kristen Young 18301848 England had a Reform Bill in 1832 that caused redistributionThe tension between under and over representation was a large problem for EnglandThe House of Commons was a point for the reformers they wanted to make sure thatrepresentation was controlled and fair for everyoneEarl Grey was a Whig PM from 183034o Wanted reform but took him a year to pass anything through the House ofCommonsThe king had to step in to make the House of Lords pass the bill The reform bill didnt bring reform it didnt revolutionize British politics but is significantas the starting point of change and the challenge to the power of the landed aristocracy Changes in legislation brought changes in who had a say in government but the changeswere slow1838founding of the AntiCorn Law LeagueoMostly manufacturers that didnt want these laws that limited free trade Adam Smiths classical economists built on his theories they didnt actually follow what hewanted Govt liked to interfere in public life and they did this more and more with the more actsthey passed after the R
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