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University of Toronto St. George
Doris Bergen

HIS242H1 17 January 2013 Diplomatic Crises amd the Origins of the Great War (World War 1), 1900 – 1914 Where is the agency is diplomatic agency? Who is making the decisions? Countries begin to stand in for armies, governments, elites etc. This is when they say “Germany did this….or Italy did this…..or the USA have declared this….” Why did war break out in 1914? Assassination of Franz Ferdinand? Possibly but there were some other factors involved. By 1914 the great powers of Europe were divided into 2-armed camps. Alliances. Could also be that prior to 1914 Europeans had enjoyed a century of peace. As a result Europeans that stumbled into war were unprepared for effect it would have. Franz Ferdinand, Sophie Sarejevo, June 28, 1914-1918 In the 1870’s there was a major war between the Ottoman Empire and Russian empire. Both sides that ended up on different sides of the war ended up being losers of the war anyway. Muzo Japanese war The Moroccan Rebellion 1905 & 1911 Changed relationships between France and Britain, worsened relationships between Germany and Britain. 1911 – the Italians took the opportunity to seize Libyan territory. The French allowed Italy to keep control of Libya as long as they would recognize the French treaty. The Boxer Rebellion, 1900 Peak of competition between the British and Germans and many Europeans. The Crimean War (1853-56) A modern war because there was news coverage, photography etc from the front. Coverage that had not happened regularly like that 1870’s the Newly independent country in Bulgaria Millions of Muslims killed and/or expelled Armenian Many killed in Ottoman Empire HIS242H1 17 January 2013 Balkan War 19
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