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Jennifer Jenkins

February 2 2012States and Societies in the 1920s the Return of NormalcyThomas Mazerick Czech nationalistCzech parliament has real governing powerMembers of parliament elected based on universal suffrage President is elected by the people he appoints people in the cabinetDemocratic system with a separation of powers a constitution and a legislationHidenburg becomes president of Weimar republic Article 48 has to do with the emergency power of the president in a state of emergency the president has a number of emergency powers used a number of times and also used by Hitler in his seizure of power to get rid of the Weimar constitutionThis time is a time of great experimentation that the war is now over and the only way it would have meaning if a new kind of society was created Nazi party cross between political club and a militia they give talks that are open to the publicFounding of the Nazi party is very small at first one of many small club like parties In 1922 they carried out their highest political assassination of the most prominent businessman in germany head of the electric company runs the war economy first german jew to hold a ministry position when appointed as foreign secretary is also homosexual symbol of all the things the nazi hateHis murder is very public for everyone to see and deeply shocks germany new
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